100 Tees  White

1 color – Front or Back Print

$5.25 each

100 Tees White

1 color – Front & Back

$6.50 each

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Screen printing at its best – your clothes have never looked better!

If you’re Googling, “custom apparel near me”, you’ve come to the right place! At Bilbry Ink, we screen print t-shirts and hoodies for local businesses to promote their goods or services. With our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we make sure that anything you wear by us turns heads wherever you go.

Quality custom apparel is not so impossible

We believe that clothes should not be mass-produced for unique souls like yourself. And guess what? They don’t need to be! With our best quality custom apparel in NJ, you can now flaunt your true individuality to the world without having to worry about being just another nameless face in the crowd. We provide the best screen printing services in Philadelphia and that’s why our customers love us – we make them feel true to themselves with customized designs and the utmost quality work.

How does screen printing work?

Screen printing is a work of art. With the help of computer software, a customized design is printed onto your clothes.

First, the print is “printed” on transparency films which are aligned onto screens burned using LED exposure unit. These screens are made of aluminum and have a mesh made of silk stretched across them. Then a thin layer of photo emulsion is applied to the screen which hardens when exposed to the LED light. The screen is then rinsed, dried, and set onto the press.

Now ink is added to the screens and – voila! We can start printing.

Our Promise

We’ve never had a customer who wasn’t satisfied with our work. That’s because we’re the best at what we do.
We offer:

  • Quality printing
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices

We even offer live screen printing events so that you can witness what goes into making your beautiful t-shirts and hoodies! And with our quality custom apparel in Medford, NJ you can promote your business at the same time. Nothing draws a larger crowd then when printing free T-shirts for you customers to wear around the city promoting your business.

Contact us today for stunning designs and quality that everyone will be asking you about.

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