Skate Culture X Megs Hoodie

***PRE-SALE*** available until 11:59pm on 2/5/2021

Orders will ship 3-4 weeks after pre-orders close

“Pick up at Megs” dates/times will be posted via @skate.culture Instagram

All proceeds will go to Megs NJ DIY for future builds

50% cotton / 50% polyester, hand screen printed at Bilbry Ink

Your Wear-Everywhere Clothing

Hoodies are the most popular and widely worn clothing that are revered for their comfort. The soft, warm, and light clothing is your wear-everywhere clothing that is stylish and can be worn anywhere. You can purchase this skate hoodie that elevates your style and makes you look more stunning.

It is like a soft blanket that you can wear anywhere you want and yet look incredibly chic. Bilbry Ink offers you this beautiful skate hoodie that you can rock anywhere. Our custom hoodies in Philadelphia allow you to wear your favorite dress sporting your design and your style because what you wear is uniquely yours!

The environment-friendly clothing makes sure you look classy, stay comfy, and prevent body odor and sweating. Place your order now for the skate hoodie so that the next time you head out, you don’t fail to impress those around you!

*If you choose to “Pick up at Megs” it is ON YOU to make it there on one of the pick up dates posted