Custom apparel and live screen printing in NJ are popular among Americans because they can wear one-of-a-kind, unique designs.
Screen printing is a process of creating custom apparel using screens and ink. Many screen printers create their designs using Illustrator or Photoshop, while others prefer to use a simple stencil. Screen printing helps create brand awareness, promote an event, build a community, or simply have fun.
Live Screen Printing in Philadelphia is when someone attends an event and can walk away with a custom printed t-shirt or piece of apparel.

There is a rise in the customization of products. This is true for clothes, food, and even cars. But why do they love customization so much?

The reason is that we all have different needs which can be met by custom products. Custom apparel means that you get your own choices. You can choose the color, size, and style of your apparel. By making these choices yourself you are not limited to what others think looks good on you or what they like. You can make choices based on what you like, and what looks good on you. There won’t be any regrets or second-guessing yourself when it comes to your apparel.

Customization also makes people feel special because the item is unique and for them only. It shows that someone put thought into the gift and made it meaningful for the recipient; it helps them feel special and unique. We all want to feel special! Customized items or gifts let you know that someone took the time to pick out something just for you. Being unique is crucial also because everyone wants to be their person and not follow trends blindly or buy whatever everyone else has already.

But, what exactly is “custom apparel?”

“Custom” refers to apparel made using a screen-printing technique. Screen printing is a process that uses mesh stencils and ink squeegees to transfer ink onto the surface of an item. Screen printing is for t-shirts, hats, and jackets. You can think of Screen Printing Philadelphia as making a stencil from a metal screen and then pushing ink through the stencil to create an image on fabric.

Using a heat cure after pushing the ink through the stencil and onto the fabric keeps it from washing out.

What is Live Screen Printing?

Live screen printing NJ is the process of printing custom apparel onsite at your event in real-time.

Live printing has become a popular attraction at many festivals, trade shows, and conferences. It is a great way to engage attendees and offer them custom swag with your brand’s logo.

If you have never been to an event with live Screen Printing Philadelphia, it is something you should try!

The process is simple:

  • Attendees choose their shirt and size;
  • They stand in front of our pop up live screen printing NJ station;
  • We print the design on their shirt;
  • They wear their shirt and take them home!

A live screen printing booth allows buyers to watch the process of creating custom clothing at a fair or convention. The shirt is laid flat on a table, and the artist uses special inks to apply an image piece by piece.

The process is fascinating to watch, and it’s fun to see how the design turns out! You can even take a turn pushing the squeegee across your shirt if you’re feeling daring enough.

Sure, everyone loves swag. But what does that mean? And what are the benefits of live screen printing?

For starters, it’s a great way to promote your brand. When you give someone gear having your logo on it, they are not just getting a perfect piece of clothing or a free hat—they’re also getting a reminder that they like you and what you do. That’s why people go to concerts to get one of those sweet band t-shirts—to remember the show and feel cool about being in the know.

With live screen printing, you have the added advantage of customizing the giveaway items thereby, they appeal to each person. At events where live screen printing NJ takes place, people are always blown away by how much fun it is to choose their color and design. And when you’re choosing from a variety of different types of apparel, from hats to onesies for babies (who doesn’t love a baby in branded gear?), there is something for everyone!

Plus, live printing adds an element of entertainment: it gives people something to watch while they wait in line or enjoy their favorite drink at an event with friends. It’s kind of like watching a chef prepare your meal for you!

What are the Reasons?

Americans love custom apparel and live screen printing. Americans will spend upwards of $40 billion on custom apparel in 2019. According to estimates, the custom apparel industry will be worth more than $50 billion by 2020. Screen printing is the most desired method for creating custom apparel.

There are many reasons Americans love Custom Apparel and Live Printing, but here are our top five.

Prestige – Custom Apparel is a status symbol. The more unique your apparel is, the higher your social standing is perceived to be.

Uniqueness – Custom Apparel allows you to stand out from the crowd in more than one way. Your clothing says something about your personality, hobbies, and interests.

Style – Custom Apparel allows you to express yourself through your wardrobe in a way that mass-produced clothing can’t. If you have a favorite hobby or interest, it’s possible to create a shirt with a matching design that shows it off.

Quality – Custom Apparel is generally better quality than mass-produced clothes, which tend to be made of cheaper materials and with less attention to detail.

Comfort – Custom fit clothing tends to be more comfortable than clothing bought off the rack because it fits your body better and doesn’t pinch or bind in places.

Take Away!

Americans love custom apparel and live screen printing because they allow people to say what they want to say, loudly, proudly, and on a shirt. In the age of social media and internet memes, custom apparel lets you share your favorite joke or quote with the world in a way that’s both trendy and timeless.

Apparel printing makes it possible for you to create your clothing line for your brand, set up shop at a festival or event, or simply give yourself the ultimate gift: a shirt that makes everyone you pass a smile. Or laugh! Or gasp! It’s all possible with custom printing.