3 Facts

Anyone who has been tasked with creating custom T-shirts for a child’s sports team or custom banners to promote a corporate event is likely familiar with the screen printing process. It is a convenient way to create unique designs and transfer them flawlessly to a canvas of your choosing. In Burlington County, locals look to Bilbry Ink to help them make bold, impactful screen-printed items, like promotional gear and team jerseys. Below, they’ve gathered three fun facts about the process and its history that may surprise you.

1. It Originated in 960 CE

Many assume that because this design technique is so popular today it must be modern. What they don’t realize is that screen printing actually originated in the Song Dynasty in China between 960 and 1279 CE. They used the concept to create the first form of printed money, which soon caught on and was adopted by neighboring countries. Today, the process has been refined and industrialized to make room for larger projects.

2. It Promoted Classic Films

Today, we design custom T-shirts for everything from a child’s soccer team to a corporate team building activity. The very first promotional, screen printed item, however, was actually created to spread the word about the film “The Wizard of Oz,” The shirts were distributed in 1939 and featured a simple design with the name of the movie and the iconic text font. Since then, design options have been widely expanded, allowing clients to design shirts with multiple colors, fonts, and images.

3. There Are T-Shirts Galore

Today, records indicate that T-shirts are more popular than ever, selling more than 2 billion in one year, worldwide. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular T-shirt material is traditional cotton, as it is easy to work with and lends beautifully to accurate, detailed screen printing possibilities.

When you’re in the market for custom apparel and promotional gear, there’s no better way to make your design stand out than with the help of the right embroidery and printing experts. The team at Bilbry Ink is well known for their attention to detail and fair prices. They’ll work closely with you to ensure that you’re happy with the final product. Learn more about how their screen printing services online or reach out at 609-969-1133